My name is Robbie Robinson. I have been in the buisness for over 20 years. 

           I would like to share some great news with you. With everything changing so rapidly in the world,and technology leading the way, I have decided to change my company name.
For a long time I have been "Can Do Photography" and have specialized in Digital Photography. With the addition of Digital Video, I felt the need to change the name to "CanDoFotoVideo" to reflect the services that I offer to my customers.
           I would like to offer these services to our customers: the opportunity to record that special memory, not only in a printed photograph,but in a digital video as well.
Working with the client from the beginning to the end of the project, keeping in mind that quality always come first.
CanDoFotoVideo is a creative company and I won't just sell you a piece of paper and call it a photograph - anyone can do that. I am selling you a piece of quality art work.
I am also offering my clients the opportunity to video record those precious moments and activities of today so that it will become a treasured piece of your history tomorrow.
That is why I work with you, the client, to give you the opportunity to have a piece of artistic work that will last for future generations to come.
I am offering the very same quality in our video productions as I am in photography. Providing you, the client, a record of that special moment that is happening in your life today to become a part of your history for tomorrow and for many years to come.
This name change will take place soon. In the mean time, you can stay in touch with me by email CanDoFotoVideo or by phone at (208) 871-7878.
CanDoFotoVideo is an artistic company that can record that special event today so that it will be preserved for a piece of history tomorrow.
A company that is dependable and reliable: CanDoFotoVideo.
Not just a piece of paper, but a piece of historic art work.
How would you like to be remembered?
Thank you.